Старикашка Мээс (2old2r0cknroll) wrote,
Старикашка Мээс


Frumpy - I'm Afraid Big Moon

Sometimes in the night when living is easy
I go out and watch the sky
That chains me like a child
Is it the moon that takes me far away
Have the stars got something to say

I'm afraid, big moon
That they'll come and catch you soon
And root you up in your old days
You're looking peaceful, sleeping stars
But your silence will depart
When astronauts will cross your ways

Without doubt, it won't take long
'Fore disgust will make us all think wrong
We are too young
To see what our children see
But we are the ones
To start the way out of misery

Let they go to the stars
The scene will not change at all
If they don't go their way together

Maybe when I'm with you, stars
My prayers won't be in vain
Then love will cross our ways

I'm afraid, big moon
That they'll come and catch you soon
You're looking peaceful, stars,
Your silence will depart
Hope that they will come together, once, in distant days
Maybe when I'm with you, stars, then love will cross our way

Well, I don't want to paint the future black
But like me there are millions who desire something back
It's not the exploring of stars that seems to be a joke
It's just the faith in the old that broke

While I'm standing here and I'm trying to get high
While I'm dreaming of the stars my time is passing by
I think I've got a lot to do before I'm loosing hope
It's just the faith in the old that broke

It should be so that the old are good and wise
But when you look around the old are telling lies
They teach us dissatisfaction and hate
If we don't return, it could be too late

Жаль только, что ближе к третьей минуте они начинают играть какую-то совсем другую композицию. Хорошую, но другую. А до этого момента идёт — ну просто ОЧЕНЬ хорошая! :)))
Tags: музык разных
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