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That Cat Is High...

  …или Котэ овладеваэ! (как обычно, при просмотре надо не забыть тыркнуть кномпочку HQ)

  Хочешь мыша — лезь за ней не спеша. Увесистым котикам немного физических упражнений не помешает.

That cat is high
Look at that look in his eye
On man he's high
Yes higher than a kite

That cat is high
Look at that look in his eye
Man I wouldn't lie
He's higher than a kite

When you see him stumblin'
Up and down the street
You know that cat's been drinkin'
Got no shoes upon his feet

Man he's high
I said, "That cat is high"
Yes he's high
Man he's higher than a kite
Tags: зверьё-моё, слайды!
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