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Manhattan Transfer

  Даже не знаю, что ещё написать… Они — Manhattan Transfer и они офигенны. А эта вещь у меня почему-то очень хорошо коррелирует с началом конца лета.

The Offbeat Of Avenues

Big blues in the city, trailin' the
main stroll (a kitty)
Cup o' joe, get witty. At Deuce's
Cafe, it's the mostest hideaway

Mez muggles "Flip Zooty Flim

Plant you now solid,
dig you later Slim"
First you crawl then you walk,
scat then you talk
Hear the cool, feel the heat of the
Rhythm of the offbeat of avenues

Help me, he blew his wig
(Lay it on)
He plays gutbucket doghouse dig
(Chick is hot)
For the hide-beater on the stand
(Really gone)
Hear that Gabriel's growl
Break it up, beat it out

This canary has got a frame
(She can chirp)
And some high-jiver
knows her name
(Digs his vine)
Cats all friskin' their
(Jam is on pops)
I collar all jive, give me five
(Now you dig, alive)
So I know you're alive
In the dim you've arrived

Cruel lips, whisper baby
Pulse of the neon, she's crazy
Smokin' eyes, get hazy
Like beauty to beast,
"You're the most to say the least"

(Do you have any) Monk,
Cozy, Red, Yank, or Prez?
Let's cut some rug gate these skins
are a mess
First you crawl then you walk,
scat then you talk
It's nirvana, it's attitude
Rhythm of the offbeat of avenues

Two finger-like lickin'...
This cat, is hot friskin'...
The jam is on now)

First you crawl then you walk
(Man she's a blip)
Scat then you talk
(Ofay plays hip)
Rhythm of the off beat..
Tags: музык разных, радость-радость
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